Connect Hampton Roads

Connect Hampton Roads is an effort to shape a new plan to support economic prosperity for the communities across Hampton Roads by improving regional mobility. We believe it will have the potential to transform how we connect people and places across the region, providing access to jobs, education and other opportunities. Economic prosperity and the quality of life in Hampton Roads is linked directly to the quality of our transportation system. An improved system includes not only better roads, bridges and tunnels, but convenient bus services with customer amenities such as new park and ride locations, more shelters, expanded light rail and ferry service, and new bike and pedestrian pathways.

Event Calendar

A Connect Hampton Roads Event

Co-Sponsor: Hampton Roads Public Transportation Alliance

At: MacArthur Memorial Theater
198 Bank St., Norfolk, VA
(Across from The Tide MacArthur Memorial Station)

Informal Reception: 5:30-6:10 pm
Event: 6:10-7:40 pm

Light Rail


Preventing Factors

Preventing Factors:

  • What prevents you from using public transit t all or more often?
  • Does not make commute any more convenient
  • Long travel time
  • I need the control that comes with using my own vehicle
  • Too much time waiting at stops/stations for vehicles to arrive
  • Doesn’t serve my neighborhood


  • On a scale of 1 to 100, how important to you is it that the following public transit services or options are provided?
  • Feeling safe at bus stops/station: Average Score of 81
  • Reliable and consistent travel times: Average Score 80
  • Reliable and well maintained vehicles (bus, light rail, ferry): Average Score 78
  • Clean vehicles: Average Score of 77
  • Wide range of days and hours that service is offered: Average Score 75
Impact and Priorities

Impact and Priorities:

  • How much of an impact do you believe an improved public transportation system would have on a local economic growth?
  • Average Score of 82.6 out of 100

Responses by zip code (home)

Map: Responses by zip code (home)

Responses by zip code (work)

Map: Responses by zip code (work)
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